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Good afternoon, dear customers and all those who visit our website.

In the new version of the website we have made a convenient search by keywords, it is possible to download fragments of the original 300x300mm size directly from the pop-up window before the purchase, as well as try images on your kitchen or interior.


By clicking on the catalog, you can choose for yourself any image you like and buy it in one click. Any image can be corrected by changing a color or by drawing some elements. You need just to contact us with the appropriate request through the FEEDBACK FORM or by email: panoramstock.com@gmail.com We will correct everything needed.


If you have paid for an image, but for some reason the file in high resolution is not undelivered, first of all, check the SPAM folder, if there is not the file in it, please contact us directly by email: panoramstock.com@gmail.com Provide, please, payment photo and we will send the file to you by e-mail manually.


If you have not found an image, which is suitable for your interior, in the catalog, we can create an image by individual order. Send your wishes and contact details for feedback through the FEEDBACK FORM or by email. We will achieve an excellent result team - wise.


Having downloaded the original file, you can contact any manufacturer in your city, or you can assign an obligation to redeem the image to the manufacturer. Just direct the manufacturer to us, perhaps it will save you some money.


We hope you enjoy our catalog and online fitting.


Best regards, the PanoramStock team.


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